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Play Shark Ataack Games Online

If you are into sharks, you can find a plethora of shark games online or for your gaming platform. You can even find shark games that are board and card games of all types, including educational games for young children. Of course there are also shark games based on cartoons in various formats. Besides all of the shark games you can also play Burrito Bison as one of the most famous angry bird type shooting game.

Top Sharks Game To Play For Free

Miami Shark

New York Shark

Los Angeles Shark

Sydney Shark

Medieval Shark

Treasure Drive Shark


Word games are a popular genre for shark games. “Word Shark” is a game suited for children in the 1st and 2nd grades. Consonants are on tiles that the kids try to add to the a word ending on a mat to make a word. If they cannot create a word with that consonant, the tile is returned to the pile. This game is made by Teacher Created Resources and it is intended for a classroom as it has 10 two-sided mats for players, 58 vowel tiles and 92 consonant tiles. There are other education shark games that are used to teach younger children. “Quiz Shark” is a game that uses a quiz format to teach many subjects. It is an interactive game that uses multiple choice questions or true/false questions using custom cards that you can create for the game. This game is made by Educational Insights and it is designed for use in the classroom.

Shark Attack” is one of many shark games and it features a large shark trying to devour smaller fish that race around the board trying not to be eaten. The last fish left is the winner. This game is for 2 to 4 players and it is for the pre-school crowd. “Shark” is another board sharks game that is a stock trading game. The players may buy and sell stock shares before and after their turn at rolling the dice to see which company he can affect and what region on the board he can put their company marker. The game ends when all of one company’s markers have been used. Another of the many shark games is “Sharks with Lasers.” It is a mechanical action card game in which the players are trying to pass the exam to become a MIA officer. MIA stands for Mysterious Intelligence Agency and players must overcome their fears to pass their entrance exam into the agency. Another game you can play is Winx Club Game. Its a great sport game for all kind of ages.

There are several video shark games in the form of Flash games that can be played for free online or there are several video games for many platforms that can be purchased either online or wherever video games are sold. “Shark Attack Deathmatch” is an inexpensive game that can be downloaded from the Internet for the XBox platform. “Jaws Unleashed” is another XBox game. It is a video game designed from the well known “Jaws” motion picture.

Some of the Flash shark games include “Shark Bait,” which has players trying to eat fish and avoid divers who will capture them. When the shark eats a squid, the divers turn into steaks that the sharks can eat. “Shark” is another fish eating game, but in this one the player must avoid the toxic bubbles as they try to eat the fish. There are some medic fish that can help prolong the shark’s life if it does hit the toxic bubbles. Miami Shark is the title of another the Flash shark games that can be played for free online. In this game, the shark isn’t eating fish, it is eating people on Miami Beach. The shark can also pull down helicopters into the water to eat people. There are also New York Shark and Sydney Shark very similar to this game but covers another area. The Medieval Shark Game is also from the same character but back in the medieval time. There are many more titles for shark games online. Just do a web search on the top of the website to find them.