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Date added: 2013-10-15
Description: Miami Shark is one of the best shark games that we have on the website. Another instances of this game are Sydney Shark Game and New York Shark Game Your job is to control the shark which is swimming into the Miami city and your job is to eat all the ships,peoples and other small fishes on the way. You can also jump above the water and the more deeper into the water you are the more bigger jump you can perform. Use button A or Ctrl to bite and try to catch the helicopters and airplanes into the air because they give high amount of points. Eat all the creatures in the water to get the highest score in this shark game. Have fun!
Instructions: Use arrows to move and A or Ctrl to bite

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    () - 2015-08-11, 04:32
    from all shark attack games? it's the best!

  • avatar
    () - 2014-04-05, 00:35
    this is so incredibal :) ^.^

  • avatar
    () - 2014-02-12, 11:06
    Its OK its not as good as New York Shark But its Cool

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